Pilates Barre

This class targets small muscles groups, increases flexibility, while focusing on toning arms, legs, core, thighs and glutes. Our Barre is
not dance or ballet inspired but more fitness oriented, We use small bursts of cardio to keep the heart rate up while using small hand weights to challenge the arms and core. This is one of the best core workouts!

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Pilates Fusion

Sarah’s own version of “Piyo” pilates and yoga moves fused together to fun up beat music that keeps you moving and burning fat. This class is
a fun mix of everything using only your own body weight and a yoga mat, it is certain to challenge your entire body and leave you feeling strong!

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Pilates On The Ball

This class uses a large exercise ball and a yoga mat. The entire class will be spent working out with the exercise ball. This helps to improve flexibility, balance, and gain muscular strength on both sides of your body while contributing to a good overall muscle tone. Another great exercise variety to challenge your workout routine.

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Pilates Pulse

This is a total Body workout focusing on controlled core movements with dynamic pulse intervals. This uses traditional Mat and Barre Pilates movements with added pulses to really feel the burn and the benefit!

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