We all love summer time; longer days, being outdoors, vacations, summer get togethers…. I can see how easy it is to miss a workout.  But consistency is so important for your mind and body.  It is important to find a balance.  I understand your schedule might vary for the summer months, but try to find a new schedule that will fit your routine.  I personally write everything on a paper schedule for each week, if you don’t use  a paper calendar you can easily update your calendar on your electronic device.  Think of it is an important meeting or date that you can’t miss!  If you enjoy being outside, I do take many classes outside if weather is appropriate.  I also offer many water classes which can help you be outside and still get in a great workout.  Water classes are also a nice change up to your routine high intensity but low impact.

So with the changes of the seasons, find that new fit for you.  Let me help you get set up for summer.  If you are a high school student or College Student, take advantage of this new offer $75 for 3 months!  Just show me your valid student ID and lets get you started.  That is right, unlimited classes for $25 per month for June, July and August.  (Does not include Personal Training or GLIDE Fit Board Classes in Trempealeau)